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Integrative Medicine is appropriate in the treatment of all Medical Conditions. While the reliance on different therapies, mainstream or complementary, may vary depending upon the condition considered, a continuum of combined therapies directed towards your personal needs is always better than reliance on a single intervention.


The following outlines of integrated approaches to various Medical Conditions are provided to increase your understanding of Integrative Medicine. The information should not be used in isolation. Instead, it is intended to guide you in your interactions with medical and other health professionals using an integrated approach.

 If you have a diagnosed medical condition, working with your doctor is normally essential as all information must be coordinated into your general medical care. A doctor or other Health Professional is also critical in personalizing your care as general advice may often be contraindicated by your own personal circumstance. This is particularly important when it involves ensuring there are no interactions between any two treatments you may be undertaking, especially when you are using pharmaceutical medicine, chemotherapy, or any other invasive medic

If you have any Medical Condition or known risk factors for a Medical Condition, we therefore always advocate working with at least one professional with an integrative approach to care to work for you as a health advocate or case manager. Objectivity is often required in clarifying your health decisions, and although you must ultimately be the one to decide on your choices, balanced advice and counsel is always helpful.

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