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Dr Lily Tomas: Treatments

 As an Integrative Medical Doctor the full range of pharmacuetical medication remain a vital component of any complex condition. In this respect an integrated medical doctor is no different to any other general practitioner....except, of course, for the wider application of many complementary medical treatments.

Where an integrative appraoch has the advantage is in the selective use of medication, the use of complementary medicines as an adjunct to minimise pharmaceutical dosages, prevent nutritional deficiencies that occur as a consequence of pharmaceutical use and to reduce the side effects of some medications. Each treatment, from pharmaceuticals to nutrients and herbs can be used selectively to maximise your health and wellness.

Physiotherapy provides important to tools in maintaining the health of your musculoskeltal system. A variety of techniqes may be used to mimise pain, maintain function and improve performance, whether at home, work or on the sporting field

Scenar neurostimulation provides a revolution in electrotherapies. Unlike conventional TENS the electricla stimulus of Scenar adapts to your individual needs through biofeedback and provides a dynamic stimulus for heeling.

Personalising your dietary and supplementation needs according to your individualised requirements for health and happiness can be a vital component of any wellness programmes. We will endeavour to maximise the benefit to any health condition you experience through this individualisation process.

Traditionally the use of herbs were the cornerstone of medicine playing a vital part in early medicine, Indeed many of our most commonly used drugs were derived from herbal medicine. Today modern reserach has identified the powerful agents that can be derived from nature to help maintain our health. Of course not all herbal remedies were effective, and a judicious use of herbs along with medcation and nutrients is important in any health intervention that you may undertake. Ask for professional advice and make the most out of your care.

Pharmaceutical Medication


Compounded Pharmacy

Nutritional Medicine

Herbal Medicine

The use of nutritional supplements has become a powerful tool in the arsenal of the integrative medical doctor. However selecting the appropriate combination of nutrients is far more complicated than simply a visit to your local chemist or health food store, especially for complex medical conditions and when taking pharmaceutical medication. This is why you need an experienced medical professional to monitor your progress and identify any risks and side effects so as to optimise your gains from medical interventions.


Compounded pharmacy allows for the individualised prescription of either pharmaceutical medication or nutritional supplementation. Compounding can play a vital role in various areas of integrative medicine such as providing for bioidentical hormone treatment, providing complex nutrient interventions according to Biobalance protocols or individualising medical prescription in the case of food intolerances that may influence standard pharmaceuticals (e.g. lactose intolerance)

Specialist Referral

Where specialist attention is required you may be referred on to a the most applicacable professional in the area of expertise that you require, A detailed referral will be provided by your doctor and follow up arranged to maintain and ongoing continuity of care.

Interprofessional Referral

There are many different professionals that may assit with your medical condition depending upon your individual needs. These may include a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, nutritionist, massage therapist, dentist, psychologist etc. After discussion you may be referred to the most applicable therapist of your choice. Where allowable under Medicare this referral may be provided under a care plan allowing you subsidised treatment under the Medicare system.

Lifestyle Advice and Counselling

Changing your lifestyle can be an important aspect of achieving greater health and happiness.

Lifestyle changes may include smoking cessation, alcohol intake reduction, exercise prescriprtion, dietary advice, sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques and other behavioural changes.


Advice can be accessed throughout this website to add to the valuable information you will receive during a consultation.

Greg de Jong: Therapies

Scenar Therapy

Scenar Therapy

Individualised Diet and Nutritional Interventions