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 Understanding how an integrated approach can maximize your health and happiness will profoundly change your motivation and quest for wellness. You will be liberated from trying to negotiate and compromise between mainstream and complementary medical care by developing an ability to appraise which combinations of treatments may be most effective for you in coordination with the health professional or team of professionals of your choice.


This in itself is empowering, for so much is lost when care is delivered in a fragmented and, in some cases, conflicting manner.


In practical terms you will learn to:


1. Identify what an integrated approach to your health has to offer.

2. Assess your health across all aspects of the wellness continuum including your biological, physical, emotional, relationship, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

3. Realise the earliest signs of dysfunction such that you can maintain Optimal Wellness and prevent disease manifestation.

4. Use simple Lifestyle Medicine interventions (diet, exercise, moderate sunlight, relaxation, healthy sleep cycles, smoking cessation and alcohol reduction etc) appropriate to Your Life Condition to progress your health.

5. Understand how Nutritional/Herbal Supplement Programmes may increase Your Wellness.

6. Realise when a Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Programme provided by a practitioner/health team is appropriate and provide a basic understanding of what such a Programme may comprise of.

7. Know where and how to look for professional and effective integrated health care including licensed professionals/therapists and quality products.

8. Work with Your Doctor and/or Other Medical Professionals in an honest, open and effective manner to make the most out of an integrated approach.

9. Empower yourself within the medical system.

10. Help us to forward the acceptance of Integrative Medicine in the public and professional domain by discussing the positive results you attain with others.