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Welcome to Body and Mind, Heart and Soul


As a gift to your Health and Happiness we wish to invite you to connect and enjoy our sister website, Body and Mind, Heart and Soul.


Body and Mind, Heart and Soul is an e-magazine exploring the many aspects of achieving Health and Happiness. Our bold endeavor is to cover the many different factors that may improve your quality of life and provide you with regular health news and views from medical, science and lifestyle sources . 


Our hope is therefore that you may use this website as a powerful interactive tool for both self transformation as well as actively supporting each other, as partners, families, friends and communities in achieving this goal.


The range of topics we hope to explore include:


* Diet and Exercise

* A Healthy Environment

* Sleep Health

* Nutritional and Herbal Medicine

* Pleasure and Passion

* Stress Management and Work-Life Balance

* Emotional Intelligence

* Mind Tools and Contemplation

* Societal Engagement

* Spirituality (whatever your beliefs) for Life Fulfillment

…and regular doses of mostly appropriate Humor and Entertainment to lighten your day.


 If you are looking for an overview of the foundations for these approaches we welcome you to enjoy our associated e-book by the same name, a passionate work that will demonstrate not only how but why through the grand design of your Body and Mind, Heart and Soul you can effectively create greater Health and Happiness in your life.


  In offering you Health and Happiness information, we also welcome you to actively engage through the many social networking tools that we hope to integrate into this site; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube. As we develop the site (and our skills with social networking) we also aim to allow for incoming contributions.


 To make the most of this gift you may wish to introduce yourself to the ways in which the web interacts with the above social networking tools to make the most of your Health and Happiness through the guide pages of the site.