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Giving Your Children a Healthy Start in Life


Childhood is a particularly important for a balanced nutritional intake and a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore the increasing number of our children suffering from conditions such as ADHD and Autism requires parents to look for solutions in these often baffling diseases.


It is important to become proactive in the treatment of your children and make an early appointment with an integrative medical professional.


Modern Medicine Does Not Have All the Answers


Irrespective of the controversies over what is causing the increase in childhood conditions, the reality of treatment is that there is little agreement over the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical medication for ADHD and Autism. In the former genuine concern is expressed over the use of Ritalin and other drugs over the long term while no medication exists at all for Autism


So are there any Alternatives?


Yes, there a numerous approaches to these conditions which are worth a try. Dietary, nutritional and herbal interventions combining varied treatment approaches from The Pfieffer and Bill Walsh Institutes, DAN (Defeat Autism Now), the MINDD Foundation (Metabolic, Immunological, Neurological, Developmental, and its training partner such as MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) along with several dietary approaches (GAP, Weston Price, Gluten Free Casein Free, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, FAILSAFE etc) can have a valuable impact on your child’s health.


For a more detailed review of integrative medicine for Autism and Asthma use the following menu links.









Do these treatments only apply to Autism and ADHD?


No, all conditions can be treated with parallel approaches to the biomedical model that underlies these varied regimes. The fundamental principles remain the same whether treating autism and ADHD, asthma and allergies, indeed medical conditions throughout life even including the diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons Disease. This is because the fundamentals of the biomedical model combined with wider applications of mainstream and complementary medicines and lifestyle changes remain the same even if the focus of different groups specialize in their own areas of interest.


Individualise Assessment and Treatment is Essential


Because ADHD and Asthma exist as multidimensional conditions upon a spectrum no two children are unlike in their treatment needs. Personalised assessment and treatment is essential by a qualified and experienced doctor who can guide you through the complexities of autism, ADHD and other childhood condition.


If you are looking for a thorough assessment, personalised care and appropriate referrals for your child you can make an appointment with Dr Lily Tomas at the Beach Street Centre on 64951097.

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