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Chronic Disease Management


 Are you looking for a new approach to treating chronic diseases such as asthma, cardiac disease, diabetes, osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis?


Integrative medicine is particularly important in the management of chronic disease not only because it broadens the scope of treatments available to your care and harmonises their application, but because it approaches the core dysfunctions that often precede and escalate chronic disease processes.


Combining the Mainstream with the Complementary


Pharmaceutical medicines can bring about powerful changes to the human body. Unfortunately these physiological responses can be both a positive and negative influence over your Health and Happiness through the side effects and interactions of drugs on the body. Where possible, therefore, it is always important to minimize the use of pharmaceutical and other medical interventions whilst simultaneously respecting the important contribution that can make to your health. This combination of care is a cornerstone of Integrative Medicine.


Where ever possible, Natural first


…and the first place to begin is Nutritional and Herbal medicines that can naturally facilitate change in human physiology. Nutritional medicine or the biomedical approach, in simple terms, is biochemistry, a fundamental basis of all medicine. By providing key nutrients to stimulate ad nourish relevant body systems your body can be encouraged to overcome the chronic diseases that you experience.


Specific Protocols for Your Personal Needs


Nutritional and Herbal medicine is not a one size fits all formula. All protocols for your health should be assessed and applied in an individualised manner that accounts for the conditions that you experience and your own personal needs. You should remember that we all are different and integrative medicine emphasises a need to respect these differences in the combined prescription of pharmaceutical, nutritional and herbal medicines.


Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Management…important in Every Disease


While pharmaceutical, nutritional and herbal medicine can all help with the treatment of chronic disease, the importance of a proactive role in your health cannot be underestimated. Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle management therefore have an important input on your return to health and vitality.


Accessing Your Own Health Team


With an extended team of health professionals assisting your pursuit of Health and Happiness, the effects of disease can be minimized and added wellness achieved. Whether it is a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, nutritionist, podiatrist, diabetes educator or any other health professionals, the benefit of multidisciplinary input into your care should not be under estimated.


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