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Individualising Diet for Disease Management

Due to the complexity of chronic disease,there are a variety of diets that may be consdered to help your individual disease management. Afterall, there are many reasons that you may wich to change your eating habits; for weight loss, to reduce inflammation and toxic load, improve immunity, assist hormone and neurotransmitter balance, reduce cholesterol or blood sugar levels, decrease your intake of food stimulants or foods you are intolerant  or allergic to, jst to name the most common examples. Furthermore, due to the comorbidity of many diseases, an optimal diet may require a combination of approaches to maximise your health benefits.


Some of the diets that can be helpful for disease management depending upon your condition or combination of conditions include but are not limited to:




The key is the individualiation of your diet to manage your specific medical needs with  a coordinated medical and supplement programme as required.


At the Beach Street Centre you maky book a Nutrition appointment to personalise your (or your child's) diet. Please contact  Beach Street Centre to meet all of your health needs.