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Dr Lily Tomas

With over twenty years experience in providing high quality medical care, I passionately invite you to explore greater health and happiness through integrative medicine. Integrative medicine provides you with the optimum combination of mainstream and complementary medicine, a careful balance  that ensures you maximise your health while minimizing the risks and side effects associated with many treatments.


You can read more about my medical experience and involvement in this evolutionary health movement in About Us as well as an overview of Integrative Medicine by using these links.


A GP with Complementary Medical Skills


My value to your care is in being able to provide and balance both your mainstream and complementary care in the one treatment programme. All too often people see multiple doctors and therapists without a unified approach to their care which limits the benefits of their medical programmes. By carefully reviewing your history and present health requirements, my aim is to set the most beneficial and coordinated treatment programme individually tailored for you, aligned with the input of other professionals you may wish involved,  to ensure you maximise your health and happiness.  


Providing for All Your Medical Needs


Modern medicine such as pharmaceutical prescription continues to have an important part to play in many clinical conditions. As a General Practitioner, I can provide for all of your necessary medical requirements, however, the use of Complementary therapies allows you to minimise your meed for medical interventions by using more natural means where ever possible. Whenever appropriate, referral onto Specialist care will be also be arranged and specialist recommendations integrated into your overall care in an holistic manner.


Nutritional and Environmental Medicine


One of the cornerstones of the comprehensive intervention plans prescribed to many patients is the use of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine including dietary intervention, nutritional and herbal supplementation and environmental evaluation. I prescribe only the highest quality practitioner only nutritional and herbal supplement programmes evaluated through experience to be effective within an overall integrated approach to your health care.


Pfeiffer/Biobalance Protocols


One of the many innovative approaches I employ are the powerful protocols developed by Karl Pfeiffer and the Bill Walsh Institute. These treatments protocols are an effective tool in addressing many mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia as well as ADHD and autism. With specialised clinical testing, I will also personalise the nutritional programme that best meets your needs and re-evaluate your prescription as your health and happiness evolve.


MINDD Foundation


I have always been passionate about the health needs of our children. I have been associated with MINDD for many years, an organisation dedicated to natural approaches to the treatment of many childhood conditions. MINDD is an abbreviation for Metabolic, Immune, Neurological, Developmental and Digestive, an accurate overview of the assessment and treatment protocols that I apply not only to the children under my care, but all of the patients that I see.


Bioidentical Hormones


One of the powerful tools in my treatment arsenal is the use of Bioidentical Hormones forboth men and women's health whenever necessary. The use of nutritional and herbal approaches along with Bioidentical Hormones allows for a variety of approaches to the complex medical conditions associated with imbalances in male and female sex hormones that lead to conditions such as symptomatic menopause, PMS, polycystic ovaries, andropause, low libido, to name a few.


Chronic Disease Management and Mental Health Plans


I always provide a comprehensive approach to chronic disease management that combines pharmaceutical, nutritional and herbal medicines, lifestyle advice and referral on to a multidisciplinary team of professionals where required. I am proactive in using mental health and enhanced primary care plans in order for you to more effectively access all aspects of care that you may require to address your chronic health needs.





What Can You Expect from Assessment and Treatment



Longer Consultations


In order to provide you with comprehensive care, my initial appointment is always a 45 minute assessment. This includes a detailed patient questionairre to ensure you voice all of your assessment needs. This questionairre allows me to provide you with a thorough assessment as well as a detailed treatment outline for your evolving care. If you want more time during subsequent appointments, I welcome the opportunity. Simply ask for a longer appointment with the reception staff.


Comprehensive Integrative and Functional Testing


I am dedicated to providing you access to the most appropriate medical testing available as required to evaluate your needs. I use a variety of tests, both mainstream and functional, some examples of which you can read about on this site in the Testing Section.

Please note that, as Medicare does not cover "screening" tests, some functional pathology tests do not attract a Medicare rebate.


Early Intervention and Prevention


All dis-eases and health conditions are generally proceeded by dysfunction. By early investigation and intervention, a proactive approach to your Healthcare will be undertaken, This will ensure that you will be given the best opportunity to prevent the development of chronic disease so as to maintain your health and happiness for the years to come.


Referral to trusted Specialists and Practitioners


Where necessary I will refer you to the most appropriate Healthcare professional(s) for your needs. This may include medical specialists (Integrative Medical Specialists where possible), psychologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, dentistry and other complementary health practitioners. Where possible and in accordance with Medicare guidelines, care plans will be provided for mental health or chronic disease whereby subsidised treatments may be accessed from professionals aligned with associated programmes.


My Passionate Invitation


I passionately invite you to make an appointment and experience the evolution that is integrative Medicine. I strongly believe that Integrative Medicine is the medicine of the future, providing a personalised approach to your needs, respecting your values and beliefs and, most importantly, allowing you to maximise your health and happiness.