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   Many different techniques may be used to down regulate the physiological stress response to limit its effects.


These include:


Consume a Low Stimulant Diet


 Consuming a Low Stimulant diet ( see Low Stimulant Healthy Eating Plan) is important during stressful periods as many foods increase the stress response (e.g. acidic foods, caffeine containing foods, tyramine foods). Fruit, vegetables and Magnesium rich foods (seeds and nuts) as well as herbal teas (chamomile) are calming, as are many herbs.




Support Yourself with Stress Nutrients/Herbs


  Use a High Potency Stress Formula containing B Group Vitamins (20-50mg B1,2,3,6; 400ug B12, Folate) and Magnesium ( at least 300mg Elemental twice daily in chelated form).

 Further nutrients and herbs may be used where acute stress extends into Adrenal Exhaustion.




Regular Exercise


  All forms of exercise work to burn off the stress response. Yoga classes that combine stretching positions with relaxation and/or meditation are very effective as they work on both down regulating stress and overlaying it with calm.






  These techniques all overlay calm on the stress response. There are many forms of relaxation that can be attempted and your response to each will be individual. Establish what works for you. Link to Relaxation.



Emotional Break Technique


After you have learned how to Relax, incorporate these skills into an Emotional Break Technique. The Emotional Break Technique is a short in the moment reframing of your emotions to prevent the roll on off stress and negative emotions.




Learn to Slow Your Breathing


 This should be possible after learning a Relaxation Technique. When you feel stress rising take in long deep breath, focusing on the out breath to expel your carbon dioxide. Count back from 10, slowing with each breath.





   Perhaps the perfect stress management tool.  The key is to actively seek out laughter in a safe environment. Make a list of tools that you can use such as joke books and videos.



Listen to Calming Music


   Ensure you choose the right music. High beat music can increase stress and tension, even if you enjoy it. Calming music forms such as Classic, Ambient or Jazz are preferable for relaxation, while dancing to up tempo music may help burn off stress in a similar manner to exercise.



Pleasure/Passion Activities


   Engaging yourself in activities of pleasure or passionate projects to distract you from your stress can be helpful. Make a list if necessary to remind you off what you can use and prepare yourself for periods of stress relief throughout the week.



Get a Massage


  A massage is very effective in reducing the muscular tension associated with stress. Even simple techniques such as massaging the balls of your own feet can be relieving and simple to apply.




Enjoy a Bath


 Burn essential oils, candles, bath bombs, music, Epsom salts, whatever you need to ensure you are relaxed.



Take a Holiday or Short break


 A holiday is a wonderful way to take a break from what is stressing you and may help you to regain perspective on your problems or life itself.



Download with Friends


 Finding people to talk to can be very helpful in decreasing your stress. This is different from finding solutions. Often company can help remove stress temporarily even whilst talking about everything other than your problems. Surrounding yourself with positive support structures is therefore an essential way of dealing with life’s difficulties in a healthy manner.

 Enjoy a long hug with someone you trust or make love with someone you love.

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