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Endometriosis is a complex condition requiring careful diagnosis and care. In many instances a Specialist is required as diagnosis requires laprascopic assessment.


Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue that usually is specific to the uterus is found amongst other body tissues. These tissues continue to respond to female sex hormones leading to abnormal changes and hence symptoms (predominantly pain as well as gastrointestinal [bowel] problems])  in the region in which they have migrated.


Endometriosis may also coexist with heavy periods (menorrhagia), polycystic ovaries and infertility.


Treatment begins with balancing the Hormones.


Balancing Oestrogen and Progesterone is critical in managing Endometriosis. Begin by refering to Oestrogen Dominance for the Integrative Medicine options for hormone balance.  


Are there any other Nutrients that may help?


High dose Fish Oils may be helpful in reducing the inflammatory effects of endometrial tissue being present in non-uterine organs. In particular, higher componenets of the EPA fraction is encouraged.


Should I consider anything else?


In some cases Hypothyroidism may accelerate the symptoms of Endometriosis.