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Injury Prevention


A proactive approach to injury prevention can ensure you minimize your risk of workplace, sporting or recreation injury. Like a healthy diet, adequate cardiovascular exercise and taking a multivitamin, injury prevention is part of an overall insurance policy to ensure you continue to enjoy life as much as is possible.


Understanding the Dangers


There are risks in most undertakings in life, whether in the office in the design of your computer station, in the factory about a work bench, on the sporting field as you tackle and throw or even in the tool shed at home. Undertaking a thorough assessment of the hidden risks in the activities that you perform can allow your to change your environment to a safer place, prepare yourself physically and mentally for whatever you do and prepare your body as much as possible for the activities you are committed to.


Strong, Flexible, Fit


To prepare your body is to make it healthy. We all need to respect the various elements that go into making a prepared body and mind. Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility to allow for correct positioning all are important in preventing musculoskeletal injury.


…and Functional


It is not, however, only how fit and healthy the body is that matters. Being able to apply these elements during a specific tasks requires being able to coordinate strength and positioning in a dynamic manner appropriate to the task. This functional strength and coordination (as opposed to merely being strong) can be the missing link in preventing injury when you have otherwise prepared yourself for work or sport or sport performance.


Focus and Flow


Stress, distraction and irritation all increase the risk of making a performance mistake leading to injury. Learning how to address these issues along with other Lifestyle Management skills such as sleep hygiene, concentration and calm and achieving life balance can be additional tools in keeping you performing well, happy and healthy.


Become Aware of the Danger Signs


Knowing when you are not on your game or out of form can be as important while doing work tasks or home chores as on the sporting field. Understanding the signs of risk such as lack of concentration, physical or mental fatigue, the onset of illness or episodes of stress and distraction can also be important in preventing injury or accidents from taking place.


And when it happens….


Are you going to rest it or test it, ice it or stretch it? Knowing what to do when an injury happens can be critical to minimizing the damage and maximizing you subsequent healing.


If you are looking for injury prevention advice, please do not hesitate to make a physiotherapy appointment at the Beach Street Centre.