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Premenstrual Syndrome


There are variable symptoms associated with PMS. These symptoms affect women in varied ways. 


Symptoms may include:


Pain and cramping

Mood Swings


Breast Tenderness



Fatigue and dizzyness





Start with Hormone Balance


Hormonal imbalances are the primary cause of PMS, although these may be superimposed upon other clinical conditions and nutritional deficiencies. The first step in overcoming PMS is therefore to review the principles under Oestrogen Dominance.


If Symptoms persist or are Severe?


After addressing Oestrogen Dominance you may consider supporting the specific symptoms such as Anxiety, Depression and Headaches with the appropriate nutritional/dietary regimes.


Breast tenderness may benefit from high doses of Evening Primrose Oil and/or Vitamin E.


What about Heavy Bleeding?


Paradoxically heavy bleeding may be a result of both high and low iron. If you have heavy bleeding you should have iron studies performed. Heavy bleeding may aslo be a symptom of other conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids. In some instances high dose Evening Primrose Oil or Fish Oils may be effective.