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What is SCENAR?


SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulator. It is a non-invasive tool used for stimulating skin areas and trigger points associated with spinal cord and ultimately brain activation. As an advanced form of electrotherapy SCENAR works dynamically with the feedback of the body to change the neurological input and output in order to treat pain and other conditions.


How does SCENAR benefit the body?


SCENAR may bring about all of the following benefits:

• Pain relief

• Increased relaxation and calm

• Anti-inflammation

• Decreased swelling

• Altered circulation

• The switching off of trigger points

• Increased flexibility and joint mobility


What is SCENAR therefore used for?


The primary use of SCENAR is to treat pain related conditions such as trauma, musculoskeletal problems, bursitis and dental problems. However because it works with the nervous system there may are many other uses for SCENAR, given the feedforward effect through the nervous system onto the psychoneuroimmunological and psychoneuroendocrinological networks throughout the body.


When can SCENAR be used?


SCENAR is applicable to almost anyone who has an appropriate need. It should not be used in the local presence of any cardiac pacemaker, cancer, seizures, clotting disorders or pregnancy.


What is the SCENAR device?


SCENAR is a small hand held device with a single electrode plate that is applied to the body. The SCENAR runs on batteries so the power output is not dangerous.


What will I feel during a SCENAR treatment?


A feeling of pins and needles where it is applied. If you have used a TENS machine the feeling is similar even if the effects are different.


What should I expect after the treatment?


Apart from pain relief, there may be an increase in circulation where the SCENAR is applied. SCENAR therapy is generally calming and can often improve sleep afterwards. You may feel relaxed, light and rejuvenated.


How long is a SCENAR treatment?


Between 5 and 45 minutes depending upon the condition. A SCENAR treatment may be coordinated with any number of other therapeutic techniques in any given therapy appointment depending upon the time available after the SCENAR and the priorities of the session.


Want to try SCENAR for pan relief or any other condition. Contact the Beach Street Centre for an appointment.