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All Skype appointments can be made by contacting the Beach Street Centre on (02)64951095, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 pm. The initial Skype appointment will be for 1 hour with follow ups of 1/2 hour with Dr Lily Tomas comprehensievly reviewing your notes and results prior to your appointment.


At present Dr Lily Tomas undertakes her Skype appointments on a Thursday afternoon. Please read on for further details.


New Patient Process


 The New Patient Questionnaire may be accessed through this link. Please fill this out in as much detail as possible and return it by mail 35 Beach Street, Merimbula, NSW, 2548 in time for your appointment. Please retain a copy of the New Patient Questionnaire for your own notes.


Alternatively, you can e-mail a scanned copy or file to ___________________ for more prompt delivery. Please do not return New Patient Questionnaires via the practice fax number without prior arrangement.


Accessing Pathology


Please access all available medical pathology, radiology (x ray reports, CT/MRI scans reports etc) relevant to the condition you wish to discuss with Dr Lily Tomas. You may need to consent to accessing this information. If so, please contact our reception to access an appropriate medical information release consent form.


 Please send end by e-mail or mail with your completed New Patient Questionnaire. Alternatively your pathology provider may be able provide a means of making the results directly available to Dr Tomas. Please not fax any pathology without prior arrangement with our practice.


Providing Treatment Outlines


 Your initial consult will be with Dr Lily Tomas. Subsequent follow up will be with Dr Lily Tomas and, where relevant and at your discretion, the additional input from other therapists from this practice (e.g. Nutritionist, Physiotherapist etc).

 Please provide a relevant and secure mail and email address where supportive material for your therapy may be sent.


Nutritional Supplements:


 If you require Nutritional or Herbal Supplements, only high quality trusted Practitioner Only Supplements will be recommended. Most will be obtainable through our Patient Order system or can be mailed to you from this practice if you are unable to access these yourself.

 The exception to this will be where reputable retail products are available. We do not compromise on the quality of the supplements that we prescribe to ensure you receive the best available care.


Providing Medical Scripts


 Scripts will presently be provided by mail. All scripts must be physically presented to your chemist in order for you to access your pharmaceutical medication. Faxed scripts may be provided direct to pharmacy but the originals MUST still be presented to the chemist as soon as possible. Due to regulations on certain medications, some medication may not be able to be accessed through Skype consultations.


Payment & Rebooking


 Payments are organised by our reception staff. Your receipt will be forwarded to you by mail or email, whichever you prefer.

Please note that Skype/Phone consults do not attain a Medicare Rebate. This is Medicare legislation and is outside of our control.


Terms and Conditions


 Skype Consults can be an effective means of providing integrative medical care for predominantly chronic and complex conditions. We pride ourselves in the thorough assessment and treatment of these conditions.

 Respecting this, all medical advice is provided with the understanding that the patient is consulting our health professionals for non-emergency care. For all emergency or acute conditions in which you require immediate intervention, you must attend your local doctor or hospital for this service.

 Under circumstances where this attention is required, you will be immediately redirected to the care of your local doctor or hospital.


Technological Compatability


 Where ever possible, we will use Skype as our means of patient to patient communication. However, you should also provide a relevant mobile or landline at the time of each appointment in there are unforeseeable technological difficulties.  

 Please note, we do not recommend using a mobile phone or tablet for Skype consults as data transmission and processing is not always reliable. Of course if you are aware that your device/s are effective in this capacity, please do so.



Yours in Greater Health and Happiness

Dr Lily Tomas and the

Beach Street Centre Team.

Skype Appointments Now Available

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Dr Lily Tomas and the Beach Street Medical team would like to offer yo the opportunity for Skype Consultations in Integrative Medicine for those people who live outside of the Bega Valley.

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