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Practitioner Only Supplements

As integrative practitioners we use only the highest quality Practitioner Only Supplements intended to be provided after a thorough medical assessment and according to preset protocols.In this way we can ensure you maximise your potential gains from the therapy protocols that we prescribe. We can guarantee your optimal treatment without the trust we place in these supplements.








If you require more supplements to continue your treatment these can be provided in the following ways:



 1) Attendance in person at the Beach Street Centre.


 Please bring your prescription sheet with you provided at your appointment as this will make it easier for our staff to know the exact product that you need. Supplements are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm.


 Please note, from time to time, supplements may be out of stock due to reasons outside of our control. To ensure we have the correct supplement available ring ahead to avoid disappointment.



 This if the most cost effective way to restock as it will not cost you postage and freight. It is also the only way we can provide you with refridgerated products. 



2) Patient ordering system.


 This is the preferred method as long as your products are from the same company.  To set up patient ordering contact our recepion staff on 0264951097 who will provide you with the access numbers and codes for our major providers so you can set up an account. Small postage and refridgeration charges may apply dependnig on products chosen.



3)You may order directly from Beach Street


....and we can post the supplements to you. Postage fees will apply to cover our costs. This will be more cost effective if you have two or more different products from different companies and live at a distance or products are not from the Bioceutical or Metagenics label.


 Please know your Product Names and the sizes of the product (usually in tablet number or volume in grams)


 Refridgerated products are not available in this way.


 When reordering products please know your Product Names and the sizes in tablet number or grams you wish as the staff can not check your notes for confidentiality reasons.

If your medical condition has changed, particularly if there has been a change in pharmaceutical prescription since your last appointment with one of our practitioners, please make an appointment before refilling your script to ensure there is no risks or contraindication that may arise from the change in your condition